Green Eats Oasis - @brand.brief
Environmental activist and chef Olivia Green founds Green Eats Oasis. Olivia’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant, from the plant-based menu to eco-friendly practices, creating a haven for conscious diners seeking delicious food without the guilt.
Brief 69 - 'Scrub' - @thegrowandglowclub
The founders of Scrub knew that sugar scrubs are one of the most effective products for getting rid of dead skin and getting your body moisturized and feeling fresh. They believe that products don't have to contain a bunch of complicated ingredients to be efficient and with that, they founded Scrub!
Scrub offers sugar scrubs in various different scents, containing simple ingredients that are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.Let's give them something soft, modern and timeless!
Brief 89 - 'Tall Tales' - @thegrowandglowclub
Tall Tales is more than just a simple bookstore. It's the place people visit to get a glimpse of the past. Here you can buy books filled with all the best stories whilst sipping on a warm beverage with their friends.
Tall Tales are looking for a brand that feels authentic, vintage and warm. It also needs to look high in quality and feel sustainable.
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